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Support to internationalization

The Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) offers support to the internationalization and the leadership in European RDI projects, developing actions with the following general objectives:

  • Suppoting the Catalan Government international relations and specific agreements.
  • Promoting activities through internationalization projects.
  • Encouraging collaborative research and mobility of researchers from Catalan organizations in other countries/regions.
  • Acting as a lobby to obtain European funds for research.
  • Facilitating communication and coordination channels for the Catalan research management agents.


Catalan European research project managers network (GesRec)

A meeting point for exchanging information between European projects' research managers, with the aim of sharing best practices to help the improvement of projects' management. 

Activities of the network:

  • Specific information: newsletters and support guides.
  • Seminars on international research programmes.
  • WGs on European research project management.

Who may become a member:

European research project managers in institutions and universities from the Catalan RDI system. For further information please contact us through the following email:


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